UniSee 800A System

Front Side Collision Prevention Camera System
One Blind Spot Detection Assist System
Backup View Camera System

UniSee 800 series

UniSee 800 series Multi Camera system is equipped with cameras on the front, rear, and two sides, which provide real-time video of the surrounding enviroment to the driver to eliminate blind spots and improve safety when the driver is backing the car or entering/exiting parkings, alley's, streets.

The UniSee 800A Vehicle Multi Camera system is excluding cable harness. The cable harness is available as a customized item, produced on customer demand in accordance with his vehicle(s) dimensions.

UniSee 800A system Features  
  • no more rear view dead space
  • avoid hitting children or other obstacles
    (rear and side view functions)
  • Unique parking guide line
  • Detects l+r front side coming cars, highly improves drivers side view
    (Front Side Collision Prevention)
  • Unique driving view Blind Spot Detection functions (bsd image)
  • IP68 waterproof standard
  • Front camera working temperature range: -40°C ~ +105°C
  • Back and side view cameras working temperature range:-40°C ~ +85°C
  • Camera lens from Japan, Canon or Panasonic
  • Omnivision of Micron (Aptina) CMOS sensor, OE standard
  • Manufactering from vehicle ISO/TS-16949 certification factory
UniSee MultiCarCam
UniSee 800 install
Operating Voltage
DC 9V-30V
Video systeem
720 X 486 (NTSC)
Video input
11.0V p-p/75Ωx8
Video output
Monitors (1.0V p-p/75Ω)x1
4 triggers (SW & Reverse & Left & Right
Assistant parking line
Yes (static)
Operate temperature
Control Box -40° ~ 70° C
Camera -40° C ~ 85° C / 105° C
Dimensions of controlbox
107 mm(L) x 90 mm(w) x 30 mm(H)
Power consumptions
Standby about 2W
Full loaded about 6W
(full loaded: Camera x4 + LCD monitor x1 + control box x1)
Water Resistance Level IP68

note: the specifications and appearance subject might be changed without prior notice.



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